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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

ACORNucopia not yet overflowing ...

We welcome B.C. professor and cultural writer Ron Dart to the editorial team collecting material for the Mosaic Press tribute book for Milton Acorn. Ron has submitted several prose pieces for the project, and his addition will help us collect more material from West Coast contributors.

Lead editor Terry Barker recently circulated a list of the submissions to date, and we have a substantial number of contributors - 24+ - but we want this commemorative for Milt to be as comprehensive as possible. We now have a very broad selection of poems, memoirs, reviews, essays, miscellaneous prose and even a few photos.

But ... we are still very open to receiving submissions for the book, and we'd especially like to have more critical (academic) pieces on Milt's work.

Also please use your imaginations - how about sending us some original art work inspired by Milt?
Maybe even suggestions for the cover. I had a vision a few days ago sitting on the shaman shack deck at ZenRiver of a possible cover: a map of Milt's Canada - Prince Edward Island was as big as the rest of Canada, and cupped the land mass. The three centres of Milt's activity, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, were surrounded by the images of his many friends and proteges (e.g. Gwen, Joe R., bill b, Al, Maggie A., James D.,  etc.). Visual artists, give this your best shot.

If you know a People's Poet inspired by Milt (and all of you know many), please ask them to help us celebrate Milt's ongoing living legacy by sending material for this tribute.    

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