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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

pensions: worse treatment than a lumpen who has never contributed


Hi Chris,

Is there any transparency in this part of our Government to protect us from arbitrary treatment? Can you require them to reveal to you the method and criteria of how they calculate how much each one of us gets?

Good luck!



Hi John,
Thanks for raising this issue. Our federal government seems to be operating
on a divide-and-conquer basis with our old age pensions. I've been asking friends
like yourself, who are already receiving OAS about what they receive, and
everyone seems to be getting different amounts.

I know of one Marmora area lumpen (lifetime unemployed, never worked so received no CPP, etc.) who was receiving $1,350 a month, about $16,200 a year.

After 40 years of working, volunteering in my local communities and in the
national literary community, and after finally chasing down a Services Canada
person I learned I'm going to receive UNDER  $1K a month total government
support. According to the person this is because I cashed too many RSPs last
year ($15K - wow!). Also I received just under $400 a month CPP - because
I WORKED - and somehow the fact that I've been self-sufficient counts against
me in the calculations of Services Canada re OAS.

It's sad and pitiful that seniors who have contributed for a lifetime to
Canada are expected to live on what we're told will be around $16.5K
a year - but when we don't even receive that impoverished amount, well

I won't receive the letter telling me of this decision for another month
(I applied for GAINS on May 1), so I can't begin the appeal process until
then. But there are huge broader issues here than just one small town poet
getting f*cked over. From what I'm learning the pension issue is systemic -
basically EVERYONE is getting f*cked over if we're only entitled to $16 -17
a year, and some of use are getting even more f*cked over than others. 

A sadder thought - above I compared my pension to that of a lumpen - but
compared to Senator Pamela Wallin's WEEKLY expense account, my $12K
a year is chump change. Now that's a comparison!

June 21, 2013

June 21. 2013
Dear Chris,

            Great letter! It is completely true that the average Canadian has NO IDEA how poor he or she will be until after retirement. Then comes the big shock.

            People should be up in arms about this.

Poetry Power!
            . . . James

Hi James,
Thanks for the compliment on the letter - after receiving your encouragement
I'm considering sending it around as a letter-to-the-editor. Yes, seniors need
to advocate for fair & even treatment & a livable retirement income of at least
$20+ K a year.
peace & poetry power!
Chris ... & Chase Wrffffffffff! (I've heard thru the doggy grapevine that many
seniors can't afford pets - who are often the main source of companionship for seniors)

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