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Thursday, 6 June 2013

orange bellyflash!

Chase & I visited ZenRiver Gardens this aft, & I was able to mow
most of the campsites before the drizzle began. The bad news is it's
forecast to rain here all weekend & into next week. Arrgggghh
Good for all the green things, but a bit repetitious for humans (& Chase).

As soon as I finished today's mowing it began to lightly drizzle. I wandered
along the shore, checking the new plantings of blue spruce. I paused by the
dragon rock, when this crazy feeding frenzy froze my meanderings & gave
me pleasure for 10 minutes of wonderment:
orange bellyflash!
bridge sparrow aerobatics
over zenriver

Visited ZenRiver again today, Sunday, June 9. Chase & I had just walked
thru the cedar twig entrance gate when ...

ZenRiver retreat
greets us with
fresh wolf poop!

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