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Saturday, 6 April 2013

When My Worlds Collide: Patrick Connors

When My Worlds Collide – Patrick Connors

My world was always meant to come together.

To have flow, unity, and coherence.

Even as a little boy, I lived in many worlds.
Problems always would arise when they would collide.
Especially when I forced them to.

Now, I live in that flow, embrace my reality,
the uniqueness of who I am.
I accept the differences of all the worlds in which I walk.
I love each one of them individually, as well as part of
a collective blessing.

Now, when my worlds collide, there is no confusion,
no fear, no resentment.
And I am free to be myself, not the guy I am
within any crowd.

Now, I can try to help make the world
the kind of place I have always wanted to live in.
Now that my life has begun.
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