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Sunday, 22 July 2012

updates PurdyFest #6 = ACORNFEST!

Purdy Fest 2012 (AcornFest)

Free rough camping begins at ZenRiver Gardens several days before the more organized activities. There is an outhouse, campsites, firewood & the river - the rest is up to the campers.

'Formal' events begin late Friday afternoon, Aug. 3rd, with the POTLUCK SUPPER. Bring what you wish (fast food welcome, homemade preferred, chips-dip-snacks appreciated - BYOB). The Friday night campfire/reading is not to be missed. Bring your tent and stay.

On Saturday Aug. 4th, professor/philosopher Terry Barker hosts the SYMPOSIUM on Milton Acorn (coinciding with the publication this year of the new selected of Milt's work, IN A SPRINGTIME INSTANT, James Deahl, editor, Mosaic Press, publisher). The Symposium runs from 12:30 to 2:30 pm in the William Shannon Room of the Marmora Public Library (by the only stoplights in Marmora!).

Later in the afternoon on Saturday Aug. 4th, local musician/singer Morley Ellis will kick off ANOTHER DAM POETRY READING on the islet in the Marmora Dam (less than a 10-minute walk from the library - through the Lions Park and along the paved riverside walking trail). Most years CELEBRATE MARMORA coincides with our festivals, and there will be booths selling food & local produce, as well as face painting for the kids, etc. in the park. In the evening a travelling Shakespearean company performs in the park. The ANOTHER DAM(N)  POETRY READINGS are very freeform & democratic. Poets read one poem at a time, round robin style, around and around the blankets and lawn chairs on the islet, until everyone has read/said/performed everything they wish to. Musicians & singers welcome! This can last from an hour+ all the way until dusk ... Morley energetically kicks things off with his broad repertoire of songs and sing-alongs around 3:30 pm - leaving time for a snack & a wander thru the park displays after the Symposium.

At ZenRiver Garden on Sunday afternoon  Aug. 5th, Tai Grove wears two hats. First as President of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance (CCLA), Tai will host a group reading by CCLA members. Then he'll don another hat as publisher of Hidden Brook Press and host a reading by poets included in his latest HBP anthology, THAT NOT FORGOTTEN. Readings are anticipated to start after lunch - maybe 1 - 3 pm for both readings including break, mingle and splash time.  Come with a lawn chair or blanket, your own refreshments and the good cheer of sharing poetry. If we have enough time we will do an open mic.

See blog at - over time there will be info about the festival - events, times and locations along with other lit info and poetry.

Each year the CCLA participates in PurdyFest  (the long weekend in August) by organizing a CCLA members reading – if you are a member we hope you will join us – new members are welcome. This year, 2012, the literary festival is being dubbed AcornFest in celebration of Milton Acorn. Wearing my other hat as HBP publisher I have been invited to organize a second reading for the new HBP anthology “That Not Forgotten”. Both readings will be on Sunday, August 5th in the afternoon – times to be announced later. We hope you will book the full day of lit stuff and nature.

PurdyFest Directions:

Marmora Public Library – the town of Marmora is at the crossroads of highway #7 and #14 – the library is on the south west corner.

Marmora Dam – follow #14 north by less than 0.5 km turn left / west towards the river. The dam is at the north end of the river park.

Chris’ directions – For the dam, rather than give street directions, it may be best to instruct people to continue north, upstream, from the Centennial (main) Marmora park to the dam along the dirt road and the towpath. It's about a 1/4 mile walk - you can see the dam from the bridge over highway 7.

ZenRiver Garden ZRG – Chris’ private Zen retreat is on the Moira River, east of Marmora. East on #7 – 4 or 5 km past Greenside Ln, left / north on #11 / Deloro Rd. Turn right / southeast onto Malone Quarry Rd. Follow down the hill to the bridge. If you get to the hamlet of Malone on Deloro Road you have gone too far north by a km or so. Malone is 9 or 10 km north of #7.

If you type - Malone, Ontario, Canada into Google Map or MapQuest you will get directions. Try to click on this url and see if it takes you to the map.,mod%3D0&q=Malone,+Ontario,+Canada&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x4cd343739bbc238b:0x46354053a6005dee,Malone,+ON&gl=ca&sa=X&ei=PtoFUJ3mA6P50gGhzZDkCA&ved=0CAkQ8gEwAA

Chris’ directions – Drive west (towards Ottawa) on Highway #7 to the orange flashing lights marking the intersection of the Deloro Road (a few kms from Marmora). Turn left (north) off #7 onto the Deloro Road and follow it a few kms to the village of Deloro. The road veers sharply left at the village (almost everyone dead ends at the old slag piles the first time - no problemo). Continue past the village of Deloro about 5 or 6 kms to the tiny hamlet of Malone. The sign marking Malone is placed at least a km before you reach the few houses which make up the tiny hamlet. Turn right (south) onto Malone Quarry Road. It's a short dirt road which leads to the bridge crossing the Upper Moira River. The millpond is on the right (west) side of the bridge, and ZRG is on the left (east) side of the bridge. There's the cedar entrance to ZRG with the prayer flags flying, so it's easy to find. People can park anywhere on the left side of the Malone Quarry Road (ZRG is also on the south side of the bridge as well, but the main part of ZenRiver Garden is on the north bank, where the shaman shack is located and where we hold the potluck suppers and the readings.)


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