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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Milt's ghost at Grossman's Tavern & Necropolis

Hi Joe,
Just returned to Marmora (Sunday, April 22nd?)  - on my second 'welcome home' beer - my backyard gardens are beautiful:

flowers persist
blooming thru gravel by
backyard Buddha

Anyway, it was a nice hike thru the Necropolis (Allan & Holly Briesmaster & Kent Bowman & myself). We hijacked two visiting photogs who were intrigued by the concept of the Unfinished Monument. They ended up doing the entire ramble with us. Allan read 'the poem' this year.

Then on to Grossman's, where David Day (who had missed us at the Necro.) & another photog, Peter Rowe, awaited us. Two pitchers of beer at Grossman's are now almost $25! .. . but ... the men's room has been renovated!!! - a rite of passage for Canadian male artists - stumbling drunk down the steep stairs to wade thru inches of urine - now just a fading memory  :  )  

James Deahl (who edited the new Milt) & his new wife, Norma West Linder, Terry Barker, and the aforementioned David Day, Peter Rowe, Allan &  Kent Bowman and I did our duty & knocked back a sufficient # of jugs to honour Milt's legacy.

The book is beautiful (besides being inspirational & all that!) & Terry Barker has mailed you a copy, c/o The Star. It should be there if/when you show up for work tomorrow  :  )

There's always next year to join the tour ...

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... and Chase wrrffffffffffffffffffffffffff!

p.s. we forgot the cigars, but Milt's ghost enjoyed the evening immensely anyway

On 2012-04-20, at 9:08 AM, Fiorito, Joe wrote:

Chris -
I got sideswiped by work, which now and then happens.
I hope everyone got drunk and smoked cigars.
- Joe

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