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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Larwill-Faiers email rambles: Thaddeus A. Brown/ZenRiver haibun/beavers/ etc.

Hey Chris,

Good to hear from you.... maybe I shouldn't have solved my Raven's Nest
beaver problem by releasing them at Zen River last year??? 

The pic for the message was sent as an attachment so I think you would
have to cut and paste the message and pic seperatly into the blog....
but I leave that up to you.

Actually when you sent me that fairy tale draft (great stuff) it made me
think of a piece of mine (no not a dwarf poem but similar) and I might
send it in a separate email.  It may seem a little politically incorrect
(surprise surprise coming from me) but it has been published in Solstice
and it does in my opinion have a healing and positive message... as one
hopes with seasonal humour that tries to shed a different light.

Not much snow here and a easy winter so far.  I continue to work on my
poetry walk... which is turning into a meditative nature lambent
(spelling on purpose); the poems not being even important at this point
(some hanging and molding) for the path is the poem I have come to learn.

Maybe you and Morley should come for a visit when things are quiet. I
have extra rooms and beer is sold at the corner stores in Quebec.

Livesay might be a good choice for PF because I would like to know more
about her work.   B "B"issett might be a good choice because he is still
alive.  Acorn always good and if that shakes down I could also present a
paper, I have an old essay I could drag out and rework.  Still I will
mention Thaddeus A Browne because my  People's Poetry tradition in
Canada in English goes back 200 years and while our traditions may be
well hidden by the imperial streams and then those who swim in them
looking for "our" influences, we may well have been the tail that wagged
the English and American dogs, for example I believe Thaddeus A Browne's
long poem "The White Plague" (1909) may have influenced T.S. Elliot's
"The Waste Land."  Yet the internet is an interesting development
because even the works of Thaddeus A Browne are available to be read
world wide.  (One of my many ideas for a project is to record Larwillian
readings of Browne's work "Tom Longboat's Victory"  is the victory of
People's Poetry....

"It takes a man to run behind, perhaps 'midst
     scoffs and jeer,
And see the other fellow get the handclaps and
     the cheers;
To hold his head and keep his heart, that
     triumph in the end,
May vindicate his judgement and save his trust-
     ing friend.

..... and yes given the time Browne was writing in he may have had his
contradictions (its not like Acorn didn't) still the reason he is in the
past is because he was way ahead of his times even if it is easy today
to dismiss him for also being of his times with some less progressive
aspects compared to over 100 years latter.

well it is getting cold and I need to go collect twigs in the woods so I
will not break into a long rant....

Good to hear all the news from down Zen River way....

keep up all that you do old comrade


                                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: Chris Faiers <>
Date: Thursday, December 22, 2011 12:16 pm

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the Solstice greetings - Chase & I went to ZRG yesterday
& lit a bonfire in the drizzle to celebrate the returning of the
Out with the old ... I burned a pile of beaver-chomped apple
branches, as well as a lot of juniper - billows of smoke & apple
scent amid the damp.

hey, that's almost a haiku ...

Solstice drizzle
billows of juniper smoke
spread apple scent

I tried to post your greetings & pics of the Raven's Nest, but
still not quite tech literate enuff. May try again later after
coffee & Chase's afternoon hike. We've been doing lots of long
hikes, trying to get back into winter shape after too much beer
drinking during last summer's long drought. Success not guaranteed  : )

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