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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Keys of the Covenant: poem for Jack Layton (Katherine L. Gordon)

Hi Chris and Chase,  here is a poem for Jack Layton,  I do fear for him and rail at the untimely blow of fate.
We are well and happy in the lovely valley, hope summer is bathing you in beauty and light, an armour against the dreaded fading.  Love from Katherine!!!

Keys of the Covenant
(for Jack)

A key to Stornoway
as his pocket prize,
yet another on a chain
offered by a distant lockmaster
he would wish to deny.
A cane of courage
a crutch of ideals
all the fervor of a failing heart.
We will keep your place in history
to stretch those dreams
for every working man,
you have done more than you know.
Your spirit will still guide us to grow
on the road of decent fairness
to every struggling traveler,
not jails or sanctioned poverty
but shared freedom and wealth.
We keep our covenant with you.

Katherine L. Gordon
July, 2011

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