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Saturday, 9 April 2011

ZEN/blog power!: 50 book orders/pols follow advice!!!/hydro hours changed

blog power! received this just now from Marco, the editor of Haiku Canada's newsletter. Thanks, Marco, for sending my review of Arthur Breverman's book, Living and Dying in ZaZen, as a HC newsflash. 50 orders! - yeah, the dude owes me a beer or three  : )

(apologies, readers, for the above large & bold type - still learning all these internet techniques) 

The two 'rants' I recently published on my blog were also published as letters-to-the-editors of both NOW Magazine (big Toronto entertianment weekly) and my local paper, which is a member of a conglomerate newspaper chain. Almost a million readers in total. Having the blog encouraged me to organized my thoughts for posting, & then I sent them on as letters. It's synchronicity (of course) but both my rants achieved results (Blue Helmet UN action re Libya; and Ontario Hydro has changed its cheapest rate from 9 pm to 7 pm afer my rant about how a friend could only afford to cook on weekends under the old restrictive Hydro time frames).

I'm definitely a convert to blogging. It's ironic, but I've caused far more overt changes thru my letters-to-the-editors than thru my poetry, but of course, poetry is meant to change the spiritual and visionary fabric of society, while the rants & letters DO seem to have a substantial effect on day-today realities - far more efficiently than voting in our pseudo-democracy   : ( 

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  •  Haiku Canada Newsletter
    To Chris Faiers
    From:Haiku Canada Newsletter (
    Sent:April 9, 2011 2:46:20 PM
    To: Chris Faiers (
    Hi Chris,
    Just thought that you'd like  to know that as a result of your review (which I sent out as a HC Newsflash), Howard Lee Kilby ordered 50 copies of the book (see below).
    Tell Arthur Braverman he owes you a beer.


    Dear Marco,

    Arthur Braverman impressed me so much with  Living and Dying in Zazen.
    That I ordered

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