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Monday, 25 April 2011

The Rising Dark/Katherine L. Gordon/poem re need for CanHeroes

The Rising Dark
April came dim and aged
skimming a dingy pall
over the puff of cold birds
her purse of promises empty,
black oil filling green veins
poisoning all seasons.
Priests and politicians
of tired old schools
worked to conjure
a new god or hero
to change the course
of dark tides,
stand for us in the fury
of rising seas,
use a sword of light
to vanquish drought and hunger
the rapeful greed of autocrats,
restore balance for another eon.
All the old heroes lie dead of the task
leaving us in the raging dark.
Gandalf, Jesus, Merlin, Finn,
rise again.
Katherine L. Gordon, April 25th, 2011.

1 comment:

Chris Faiers/cricket said...

thanks, Katherine!
I believe those of us who are People's Poets in the trad. of Milt et al need to 'keep the heat on' as the final week of elektioneering winds to a conclusion. arrgghhh ... Sure hope like hell Harpy doesn't get his majority - if so, so much for women's rights, immigrants rights, the arts & Canadian democracy, etc. etc. ...!!!

I posted your poem within minutes of reading it ... again, thanks : )

Last week I spent about 5 days in TO. My friend Sylvia kindly agreed to visit the Necropolis Cemetery with me, where the first site we visited was the grave of George Brown - I did a posting of this visit that evening (last Tues. I believe). The government plaque by Brown's grave credits a coalition government with the very founding of Canada!

When I returned to Marmora late last week, a friend thought this was so historically important that I should do some follow-up on it. So I sent a letter-to-the-editors far and wide. Be interesting to see if any media pick up on this email & publish it.

Joe Fiorito, a columnist for the TO Star, did respond to my mailout, & he wants me to take him on a guided tour of the Necropolis the next time I visit TO. So I'm looking forward to visiting George Brown's grave with him, as well as the Unfinished Monument, W. L. Mackenzie's tomb, etc. . I'm hoping Terry Barker, Allan Briesmaster & Kent Bowman will be able to accompany us as well.

thanks again for the timely warning regarding the very fate of 'the True North, Strong & Free'
peace & poetry pwer!
Chris & Chase ... wrffffff!
p.s. Chase & I visited ZenRiver Gardens this aft, where a branch had been knocked down by heavy winds & had torn away the railing on the treestand on the south bank - I re-attached it, and the Mohawk Warriors' flag now flies freely
again ...