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Thursday, 31 March 2011

COMMANDER WEREWOLF: peacekeepers to headhunters? vote Harper


By Chris Faiers

Not naked and howling
like some id crazed poet
but battle equipped
for full moon missions

ninja hood hides your muzzle
cuffs, thick tape
weapons hang from your web belt
like tiny girls’ skulls

saline taste acquired in foreign lands
must now be slaked
you turn on those you’ve sworn
to serve and protect

the power lust of salt lick
lures you to the nightly hunt
neighbours are fair game now

you are our nightmare
Werewolf Commander
our new symbol incarnate
of a country becoming werewolf
following imperial orders
for Exxon, Shell, Rio, Uncle Sam

we turn on our own
under our dictator’s rule
Commander Werewolf
you serve Him well
your transformation mirrors
our pack’s regression
from peacekeepers
to cannibal headhunters

Werewolf Commander
you  mark our future
with piss yellow and red drip stains
on Vimy, Passchendaele,
Guernica, Cyprus and Sarajevo   

Chris Faiers received the inaugural Milton Acorn People’s Poetry Medal in 1987. This poem was written
to perpetuate Acorn’s anti-imperialist and progressive legacy. Faiers lives in Marmora, Ontario, on the northern boundary of Commander Werewolf’s hunting grounds. 

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