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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May Day visit to ZenRiver Gardens

Hi Fran,

This aft I decided I was long overdue for a visit to ZenRiver Gardens and Dan Dan the Fireman. I've been holding back on visiting because I've had ongoing cold and flu bugs since March, and I didn't want to add risk to Dan's recovery from his cancer treatments until I was sure I was germ free.

Dan wasn't home, so I left one of my cards for him under a small rock (which I borrowed from ZRG's sacred rock face). The river wasn't as spring flood high as expected - it seems higher here in the village. I remember a few years ago when the spring runoff covered the Jimi Hendrix tree stand and almost reached the bottom of the bridge!  

ZRG looks great  :  )  Glad to see the Zen influence has captured your imagination. In some ways the place looks more zen-like than when I had it.  Perhaps I was over zealous in maintaining ZRG - there's a relaxing patina of benign neglect now:

flaking paint on the picnic tables

the deck needed staining
last year

milkweed loves
unmowed paths

Monarch butterflies
slowly recovering

It's been well over 2 years since Chase died, so I didn't feel as sad today as the last time I visited when I couldn't stop reminiscing about all the great adventures we had there. I tend to notice coincidences and synchronicities, and while I was hesitating writing this, a bad U2 song (I think they're all bad to be honest) came on the radio. Something about 'a place called vertigo' - it was on the radio non-stop the first spring when Morley, Chase and I built the shaman shack at ZRG.

As always, thanks for letting me visit. Trust all well with you and your shaggy companions.


                                                                 ~   ~   ~   ~

On 2018-05-01, at 4:54 PM, Fran wrote:

Hi Chris,

Wabi-sabi baby, wabi-sabi. That's the style I'm going for..perfection is in the imperfections... :)

Waiting for more of that paint to flake off before I get my scrapper out but then again, I may just let the elements do their thing on the picnic tables. Second thought, I better get to it because whenever I sit at one of them I walk away covered in paint chips.

Glad you had a nicer visit. Hard sometimes to go back and revisit the memories...always bittersweet. But you are always welcome to enjoy when the mood strikes. I've managed 2 visits this year because of the crappy weather but looks like brighter days are here. Paul from the corner is going to replace the chipboard on the outhouse with plywood and redo the roof and door as well.

Were there any black flies yet? Hoping to get up on Saturday.

Glad you are feeling better. The flu going around this year was brutal.


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