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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Formentera synchronicity: Eel Pie scriptwriter visiting

Hi Tom & Sam,
Congrats on your progress with the screenplay & overall successes on so many fronts ;  )-

It'll be very interesting to hear Sam & Nuria's impressions of Formentera! I believe it was 46 years ago that I lived in Maria Jerome, the little farmer's hut, for a month - shitting by the rock field fence and listening to the sweet singing of the Sirens on the tip of Ibiza. I suspect & hope even half a century won't have dulled the beautiful wildness of the island. Sam, are you planning on doing 'field research' for the script, or is it more of a coincidence that you chose Formentera?  I wonder if the funky international cafe, Fonda Pepe, will still be there to greet you? Also if you are doing some research, how about throwing some I Ching for fun! I eventually found the multi-layered synchronicities and realities a bit overpowering and had to stop when I returned to the UK, but it was a very interesting experience. 

And I'm thrilled you're making major progress with the screenplay! It was the fall of 1988 when I wrote most of Eel Pie Dharma, so it's nice that you're doing your work in the same season. Your goal of a first draft by the new year is ambitious, but certainly doable. Once you fully crank into a project like this, it's amazing how much writing you can accomplish in a relatively short time.

The week of Oct. 9th should be fine for me - just send me an email a day or 2 in advance so I'll be ready.

peace & continued creative progress!

On 2017-09-17, at 7:28 AM, Tom Hanson wrote:

Hey Chris!

Sorry for radio silence, we’ve both been super busy with other work. I just looked up Group of Seven paintings, incredible! That’s an impressive distance! I wouldn’t have managed that.

Re Eel Pie Dharma, Sam and I recently finished the treatment for the screenplay as it is now, subject to huge and definite change! Sam is actually off to Formentera for a couple of weeks now! With his girlfriend Nuria who is from Barcelona, I am heading to New York City in a couple of weeks when I finish filming, so as of October 9th, we will both go into full time work on the script when we both have more free time. We aim to have a draft of the screenplay done by the end of the year. As I’m sure you know, writing can be a long and arduous process and we want to make sure our foundations are laid as well as they can be before we get into the nitty-gritty of the actual screenplay itself. There is work to be done but we look forward to doing it.

Let’s definitely aim to touch base the week of October 9th, Sam and I are getting into developing the characters now so we’ll certainly have some more specific questions when it comes to minute details.

Hope all is very well Chris, all the best,


My first night on Formentera I slept in a cave on a cliff exactly like this one. I describe the experience in the Formentera chapter of Eel Pie Island Dharma.

pic by andreaaferracani on flickr 


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