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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

interviews for Eel Pie Island Dharma movie script going well

I had my second phone interview with the script writers at noon yesterday. I meant to limit the time, but I was so engrossed in telling my stories (sooprise!) that somehow an hour and 10 mins slipped by before Tom asked if that was enough. I'd only sipped half my beer, and honestly had thought we were only 15 or 20 mins into the interview, so obviously I was thoroughly enjoying it.

Afterwards I Googled Twickenham and found the site for the Twick Museum. I sent them an email asking to be  added to their list of writers and poets connected with Twick history - be interesting to see if they reply. Also on the site was a map of Twick area, and I must have spent half an hour revisiting various old haunts. I was able to find the street the Squires lived on, as well as The Hermitage (street in Richmond) where I briefly lived in a flat with Crippled Eddie. The interviewers wanted to know how and where I lived in the time period between my narsty cousin throwing me into the street and when I moved into the Eel Pie Hotel. l didn't write a lot about this period in EPID, so again it was interesting to remember and reminisce  ;  )

We're taking a break from the interviews for at least a few days, which I think is a good thing all around. As much as I may like to talk about myself and my adventures, it can get a bit tedious - fortunately the interviewers claim to find all this blather fascinating (?)

Twickenham Museum
Twickenham Museum on The Embankment

Footage of PurdyFest by Professional videographer

Hi Henry,
It's a real longshot that the 2 young Brit actor/playwrights will get beyond writing the script - figure it's a 10,000 to one longshot that a movie will ever be made. But it's exciting that they think so highly of the book that they want to do this! We started a series of interviews yesterday - here's yesterday's blog posting:

I'll post stuff on the blog from time to time to stay updated. Part of why I emailed you is that you took professional footage of the PurdyFests. I don't know how much of my literal story will be in the script and if they'd want an update on my activities for inclusion in the film (if made!), or if the script will be more an an "everyman hippie", which was a bit of my intention when I wrote Eel Pie Island Dharma.

Be great if you decide to take some R&R at Tai & Kim's B&B on Presqu'ile. It's a gorgeous place, both their house and the park. Have you ever visited there?

keep in touch ;  )-
peace & poetry power!

On 2017-08-02, at 11:03 AM, Henry Martinuk wrote:

Hi Chris,
very exciting news about the Eel Pie Island Dharma movie. Looking forward to seeing it!
I thought the Milt & Gwen reading was a bit subdued but it may have been the heat in the bookstore; no circulation & lots of bodies.

I really want to visit & Tai is encouraging me to also stay in his B&B. Lots of possibilities in the fall.
I'll definitely give you plenty of notice before I head to Marmora so we can connect.
cheers, Henry

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