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Monday, 9 January 2017

2 poems for this challenging year: Katherine L. Gordon

Last Millennia

People grow poorer
thirsty and hungry
choking on the dust of others,
leaders align for war, an ancient remedy
for restless rioters
that has lost its transformative union,
declined into tools of oblivion.
Dark angels laugh---
no salvation left, only death undignified
messy, horrific.
We retreat into cant and dogma
dead ideals, unreasoning rant,
afraid to reach out to one another.
Hiding the mystic cure of radiant light
we offer vials of poison, dark matter
black holes, imminent  swallowing.


Katherine L. Gordon

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Once We Were

I conjure the ancestors
from the furry-faced
recently tail-less
to the fair- visaged, large-brained
gifted and endowed peoples
who rule all far-flung arcs
of a round and shrinking world,
now at the end of our predominance---
air, land and water more hostile than before.
We left oceans, trees and caves,
rampaged and ransacked,
justified the spoil with new versions of god,
forgetting veneration of the feminine force of nature,
the fertile and nourishing,
now demeaned, suppressed.
Because we arrogantly turn from lessons of harmony
we are doomed to disappear,
supplanted by robotic versions
of our once promising yet vulnerable human being.

Katherine L. Gordon

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