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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dear Americans . . .


Comments from Stan and Becky and me.
Thanks for your essay on the state of things.
Katherine, inconsolable.

 Yes, fascism and the first horseman,  I heard that white male
militias are now proudly arming themselves in the states.
War and walls all around us now.
So SAD for the beleaguered planet.  He will probably re-open
coal mines, doesn’t believe in climate change, and women and gays
will lose all rights, thanks to a horrid supreme court about to be stacked.
Back in the dark ages now.
We are philosophers watching the decline of the new Rome.
Love from Katherine.

I have never been so shocked in my entire life. I woke up at 5:30 just in time to see that horrid announcement. I had no idea racism and sexism was so rampant in the states. We will be at war in no time, thousands of young people will be slaughtered, and freedom has left the world. I hope everyone who voted for that pompous evil blow-hard gets exactly what they deserve.

I'd say the first horseman has arrived.


---------- Original Message ----------
From: Stan
Date: November 8, 2016 at 11:08 PM

Fascism has arrived.

                                                           ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

On 2016-11-09, at 7:04 PM, anna yin wrote:

I was shocked too. Sad for friends in USA.

Here are my series of haiku: American Dream

fruit ice cream
with green tea
our first and last meeting

endlessly debating
into this deep autumn -
how much we want green

early dawn
on our lawn
staking a “for sale” sign

hard rain
in the rock lion’s eyes

laying out
poppy after poppy

along the wall
leaves falling
American dream


                                                               .   .   .   .

On 2016-11-10, at 10:05 AM, Katherine Gordon wrote:

Anna, your last haiku re leaves and American dream falling
is so poignantly perfect.

Thanks for sharing, Katherine L. Gordon.

                                                               .   .   .   .

yes, it's the perfect politikal haiku! Thanks for pointing this out Katherine  ;  )

                                                                .   .   .   .

many thanks, Anna!
not all Amerikaans are barbarians, but their politikal kulture sure is barbaric!

I'll add your haiku to the post.



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