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Sunday, 3 July 2016

further adventures of Basho, a most unusual bullfrog

Several weeks ago Basho, the bullfrog who lives in my tiny basement cistern, hopped up the stairs. He sat in a corner by my back door, which I opened with the expectations he would like to venture back into the natural world after several years of living in seclusion. I left the door open for 20 minutes, but Basho declined the opportunity to leave, and eventually hopped back downstairs.

Two days ago Basho reappeared by the back door, this time choosing to sit on a  mop head. Basho, I telepathically enquired, do you want to go outside? Basho just sat. He didn't budge when I lifted the mop and placed it outside the back door, deciding I'd help him along with his decision making. A most passive and indecisive bullfrog. I left Basho perched on the mop head, ruminating on his future, and sat in the sun on my back deck, chilling my badly stubbed toe with an icepack. When I headed inside for a cold beer, Basho had hopped off his perch into the neglected side garden. Hooray for you! I thought. Perhaps the garter snake would make a meal of my fellow bachelor companion, but at least Basho had rejoined the world of nature.

Last night, when I stepped into the dark to view the fireworks for Canada Day, I almost stepped on a small lump huddled against the door stoop. Basho! I turned on the porch light, and sure enough, there was my erstwhile friend. I opened the back door, but Basho was as indecisive as ever. I gently poked him with my sore toe, & Basho took the hint and hopped back inside. A most unusual bullfrog.


two old bachelors
share the solitude
of our cool retreat


Basho, I wonder if this will become a new routine, you waiting patiently on the mop head for a magic carpet ride for a brief outdoors adventure. Perhaps I'll have to install a tiny pet frog flap in my back door.

Chris Faiers/cricket

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On 2016-07-11, at 6:50 PM, John Burke wrote:

John Burke has left a new comment on your post "further adventures of Basho, a most unusual bullfr...":

The frogs will teach us and get us through the hard times. Viva Basho!

Posted by John Burke to Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens at 11 July 2016 at 15:50

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John Burke said...

The frogs will teach us and get us through the hard times. Viva Basho!