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Friday, 27 May 2016

crimson columbines

I decided it was the perfect heat wave day to visit Callahan's Rapids, & waded around from noon until 2 pm  ;  )-  Beautiful day, & after a few minutes I got used to the chilly water. I walked in from the middle path in the parking lot, & then walked downstream to the rapids. Never saw another human the whole time! I crossed the rapids & walked down the 'Jacques Cousteau' creek to the outlet, then took a short path thru the woods to the main river. Walked back upstream to the bridges - no real adventures on the way, just a relaxing beaut trek. There are huge patches of crimson columbines with yellow 'chimes' on the eastern bank.

ringing for me alone
crimson columbines

Didn't see many birds, and surprisingly, no water snakes. No deer, either, like the time Chase and I visited Callahan's this time of year and met the retired trespassing cop. I was surprised there weren't any human intruders, because often there are idiots on 4-wheelers zipping around on the islands by the bridge.

broken beer bottles
holiday reminders of
the May 24 weekend

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