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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

To Open the Sky: Katherine L. Gordon

Three birds breached
that barrier between the seasons......
tore through the grey fabric
of a fitful March sky,
made swift passage to still familiar trees
and home again at last to me.
Fickle travelers I grieved for,
their music so missed in silent winter,
flip of saucy feathers in barely budding bush.
And on this day they bring me spring,
far too early, though I trust
that unlike me they understand the light.


Katherine L. Gordon
March 9th, 2016.

                                                                 ~   ~   ~   ~

Hi Katherine,
Thanks for the poem - it's the first posting I've done in about 3 weeks, as I've been in deeper mourning over the passing of Chase 5 weeks ago than anticipated.

As usual, your poem really resonated with me. This premature spring thaw drew me to my back window, even before I started morning coffee preparations. Two crows were perching in the branches of my neighbour's tree which looms into my yard. A third crow flipped in to join them, and as always I thought of Milton Acorn and his love of crows and their shamanistic behaviour. While I stood watching and waiting for some sign from the animated backyard visitors, one crow dropped a watery poop from his perch, & thus endeth my visitation  ;  )

peace & poetry power!


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