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Sunday, 17 January 2016

the real David Bowie was ...


 a dude named Lou Reed. Lou died 2 years ago, & I didn't see the kind of adulation for an original like Lou that I have for a poser (brit slang for poseur) like Bowie. There's a lot of another dude named Jagger in Bowie's make-up (pun intended) as well. Jagger/dagger - some kind of rhyming cockney slang perhaps. Bowie wanted to have a cool tough name like Mick, so he reinvented himself with the new moniker. No harm, no foul, but if you want the first & real thing, listen to Lou Reed, either with the Velvet Underground or solo. If you want fag/hag power rock & lyrics, listen to Mick on 'when the whip comes down".

IMHO the only good Bowie tune was 'Rebel, Rebel'. The rest is just trend jumping imitative shite. He was a great poser, altho far from the first or most original or interesting. Bowie was a popularizer of existing trends - kinda like Henry Ford or Bill Gates - he didn't invent anything new, he just knew how to market the hell out of existing images created by more interesting musician/performers.

Also I can't imagine Jagger or Reed spouting pro Hitler BS, no matter how effing high they got on coke (1970s Berlin). Please listen to some Velvets, & lotsa Stones. I've never owned a Bowie record, but I can listen to Velvets/Reed or The Stones for hours on end. Even Bowie's last record has The Velvet Underground droning sound circa the 1960s.

At least Ziggy Stardust gave Lou Reed his big shot at commercial success by producing Reed's hit album 'Transformer' (e.g. 'walk on the wild side' single).
It always saddens me that the pushiest people, instead of the most creative, get the limelight. I guess this is OK if the scene stealers eventually lead you to the truer talents, tho.

RIP Ziggy ; )- 
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On 2016-01-17, at 5:19 PM, John Duderion wrote:

I can dig it. Nice to hear a corrective voice amid all the hagiography, the amount and intensity of which has rather surprised me. My sense of Bowie was just that. I didn't think there was much or any actual music in what he was doing. That seemed like a pretext, a hook on which to hang his undoubted genius for self-promotion and hyper-eclectic self-imaging. Which, let's face it, has become fair game in popular no small part due to him. If there is now an excessive outpouring of adulation for him it's because popcult has totally integrated the 'values' that he was promoting. He kind of is popular culture. Not my cuppa in any case. I think I prefer his movie roles at the end of the day.


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Wilber Walnut said...

Some pretending to be someone else! How lame and stupid is that????

Wilber Walnut