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Saturday, 2 November 2013

doctor acorn (chapbook 'review' of IN A SPRINGTIME INSTANT)

frog hollow press

Offered as a Sewn soft-covered limited edition book of 52 pp. Printed on 57 lb. 100% PCW paper with a full colour cover and multiple greyscale endpapers.
Typeset in Garamond Premier Pro.
Note: this book will be launched at UNB’s Poetry Weekend, in Fredericton, New Brunwick, October 4-6, 2013.
Pre-orders can be taken prior to the launch date.
Edition of 150 numbered copies.
ISBN 978-1-926948-12-6 Price $17.50

Hi James,
Thanks for the update on the MULBERRY TREE launch. Yes, if the weather holds, & I can manage to replace my dilapidated Subaru in time, I plan to enjoy dining with everyone at the Supermarket.

My eyes are still very blurry from my first read-thru of Shane Neilson's chapbook-length 'review' of SPRINGTIME INSTANT -  "doctor acorn, or: how I joined the Canadian Liberation Movement and learned to love the stern nurse fusion-bomb sun". Congrats to both of you - not many poetry collections warrant a 50-page, limited edition chapbook for a review!

All in all, Shane is very positive about your editorial selections. There is a hoot of a description of the IFPOR launch, but then, making fun of poetry readings is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel (a popular sport out here in redneck country). Ask me sometime about Morley, the first Crowe Lake fishing contest, & our 'bass in a rain barrel' escapade.

It's fascinating how each of us takes from Milt & his work such different things, & yet we are all in eventual agreement on his genius as a poet. Whether it's as a political poet (yeah, making fun of the whole People's Poetry thing is just shooting a few more bass in barrels), or the appreciation of Milt's sweet nature poetry, or his fiery combining of opposites (dialectics) - Milt's strong personality & presence are always present in his best poems.

You gotta buy one of the 150 copies, if you haven't already ...

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... & Chase Wrfffffffffffffffffffffffffff! (resting up for dinner)

p.s. Terry managed to scoop me & read it first - I've never known Terry to giggle like a schoolgirl before  :  )

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