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Sunday, 19 May 2013

beginning of the end for Harper's reactionary 'democratic dictatorship'/letter to my MP

My letter to my Conservative MP, Daryl Kramp

Congratulations on showing some backbone recently by standing up to Mr. Harper's ongoing smear campaigns. It took guts to stand up to a power tripping tinpot like Stephen, & you showed some
guts for a change. So far I'm not esp. a fan of Justin Trudeau, but Big Steve's bully campaign
was just TOO MUCH, TOO SOON - & you recognized the unfairness of this slandering & maligning.

'Big Steve' is about to fall, & fall hard! You were politically astute in realizing this before most other
Conservatives, & your own political credibility has benefited from your independent stance.

I am also writing about another matter which has the general Canadian population (and electorate) upset, & I hope you will also object to the proposal to undermine the CBC’s editorial independence contained in Budget Implementation Bill C-60.

No public broadcaster anywhere in the free world faces the degree of political interference that is proposed for the CBC in Bill C-60.

This Bill would give the government the opportunity to turn the CBC into a political propaganda machine rather than a public broadcaster.

For the sake of our country and our democracy I urge you to work to have provisions concerning the CBC removed from Bill C-60.

Again, congratulations on being one of the first Conservative MPs to stand up to Mr. Harper's
bullyragging. The way forward is clear to a high percentage of Canadian voters - it's time
to throw 'Big Steve' under the bus, as he's done to so many of your fellow Conservatives to save
his own cowardly hide. 
Please get back to me.

Chris Faiers
Marmora, Ontario

Our Godly Prime Minister:

Dear Christopher,

Stephen Harper is in more political hot water than he’s ever previously experienced!

As I write this, the Prime Minister’s most senior and trusted political aide has resigned, claimed by the growing Senate scandal that could do lasting damage to the Harper Conservatives’ reputation.

With the House of Commons set to resume tomorrow, Harper will be motivated to put out every political fire in sight in order to re-establish control of the political agenda and staunch the Conservatives’ drop in popularity.

That’s why right now is the perfect moment to turn up the heat to stop the Harper gang’s assault on the editorial independence of the CBC.

Please send a message to your Member of Parliament right now:

I have been invited to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance on Thursday to comment on Bill C-60, Harper’s most recent Omnibus Budget Implementation Bill.

Buried deep in Bill C-60 is an insidious plan to take control of the lion’s share of CBC spending, a move that will undermine the national public broadcaster’s editorial independence.

I am convinced that we can stop this plan in its tracks if we are able to mount a huge public outcry.  That’s why I am urging you to please send a message to your MP right now and invite everyone you know to do the same.

Stephen Harper's inner circle is intent on controlling the media to their advantage.   They are brazen enough to try just about anything and their naked manipulation extends beyond the CBC.

A few days ago, CTV News reported that disgraced Harper-appointed Senator Mike Duffy allegedly intervened to improperly influence a CRTC decision.  At issue is whether all cable and satellite subscribers should be forced to pay for the SUN News Network whether they want it or not.  This would give the Harper-friendly network the resources it needs to deliver his government’s message far and wide.

The stakes are huge and the opportunity to stop Harper in his tracks is real.

Please send a message to your MP right now:

Our state-of-the-art online action system will deliver your message straight to your MP’s email inbox, with copies to the Prime Minister and the other political party leaders.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Morrison
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

P.S. Please use the tools we have developed to share this campaign on social media:


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