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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ed Baker on Naropa University 'honouring' John Cage


here is what Naropa University is "doing" re: John Cage …

JEESH !   I got as far as  "in that crowded & turbulent room, never made my way
up to the front to say hello"

do ALL universities reduce things to a marketable BLATHER  and same-said "stuff"
over and over and over again ..

and the obligatory "I knew [ John Cage, and Merce and Raushenberg   and John ate "mushroom
sautéed on the side"  ….

too much research and archived "stuff" for me….

damn … there she goes again  "when I graduated Holyoke I knew John  [ he] was "esoteric and
beyond me and autographed my book… it was dharma'   or some such she said

THIS IS NOT what John Cage was about … the is what has been left of his results….

these folks just mimicking and  imitating …

I met John in 1970
or 1971 first at
his music publisher's
the next day
at his house on Bank Street

the last thing that he said to me
(after grazing through my ms:
Points / Counterpoints)  was

"you're very busy. Want to stay for lunch?"

He was cutting up some vegetables  / green
& yellow peppers and a pile of some ugly
mushrooms near them  maybe there was also
onions  & there was brown rice cooking

I said :  "Pauline is waiting for me at the Ear Inn."

He smiled and ask if he cld hold on to the ms for awhile and "pass it around"

so I did.

" you echoed the breath of dharma across my heart" THE GIRL IN THE FILM
just said … then (the expected "silence" transitioning into the audience's applause…

so? what's my point ?

I don't know

even any one of my
is it s


center of the universe

cheers, Ed


about 27 mins in

the guy playing the black piano who is playing the boac-
piano's white and black keys
is pretty good … kind of (what has become) the (for want of a more
better description)
                                       Abstract Expressionistic Painting where
the music is what of the paint trickles down ?


Hey Ed,
I gave up after listening to the worst ever telling of the 2 monks and the woman by the stream  :  )
Chris/cricket & Chase Wrffffffffffffffffff! (didn't listen to any of it!)


Ed Baker has left a new comment on your post "Ed Baker on Naropa University 'honouring' John Cag...":

I let it run it course as
I was working on on my latest book:


I think that I sent you an early pdf version... It sure has changed since then ! So, stick what I sent to you in a clavichord and hits some random sour note and sit down with a cute girl and try to figure out where the Sound went..

as for the Cagian Presentation ? you mean that you didn't get to the last piece? The cute girl in a long-black chemise
fucking the sod ?

Cage made a Big Business out of repeating over-and-over and over again same stories, lectures, presentations... going commercial ,as far as I am concerned, cheapened the great points that he made. now ? It s all become just another fucking condom-wearing product to sell...

Cage: Suzuki / mushrooms
silence / mushrooms
I met / mushrooms
zen / mushrooms
merce / mushrooms
Black Mountain / mushrooms ceteras

Posted by Ed Baker to Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens at 7 February 2013 07:57


link to Ed's site (may not be live - you may have to key it in) - read the whole story, see the movie!

I put up a link to the post so that (also) the "public" can see it.


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