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Friday, 18 January 2013

First Call: submissions for Milton Acorn retrospective/compendium/anthology

Dear Fellow Poets,
After several years of preparation, last year Mosaic Press released a new selected of Milton Acorn, edited by poet James Deahl. An informal group we sometimes jokingly call 'The Fellowship of the Acorn' is doing our best to resurrect and perpetuate the literary work and legacy of Canada's People's Poet. Most of us believe Milt was Canada's best ever poet.


To promote Milt and his new book, IN A SPRINGTIME INSTANT, we organized a number of events in 2012, beginning with a casual gathering at Grossman's Tavern in Toronto where Milt received the People's Poet Medal. In the summer we organized a standing-room-only book launch at The Parliament Street Library, followed soon after by a tribute to Milt at the sixth annual Purdy Country Literary Festival, which we dubbed AcornFest in Milt's honour. On November 22nd we held An Evening With the Friends of Milton Acorn at The Imperial Public Library in Toronto.

We are now entering the next stage of resurrecting Milton Acorn. Mosaic Press did a beautiful job with IASI, and Howard Aster, the publisher of Mosaic, has now approved the publication of a compendium/restrospective book on Milt to continue this campaign. We anticipate the book will be of equal quality and length to IASI.

We are asking for submissions for this book from you. We would also appreciate it if you'd circulate information about this project far and wide to other Acornphiles. We are seeking reminiscences, memoirs, critiques, poems, pictures, artwork - one of our first contributions is a song for Milt - just about anything. Surprise us!

Please send submissions, queries, proposals and questions to me, Chris Faiers, preferably via email:

Snail mail can be mailed to:

Chris Faiers
12 Main St.
Marmora, ON
K0K 2M0

Or if you'd prefer, phone calls are welcome (please keep trying, afternoons & evenings best)


  You can also contact co-editor Terry Barker by phone:

  or snail mail:

  Terry Barker
   22 Deerford Rd.
   Willowdale, ON
   M2J 3J2

The target date for publication is spring 2014. We are in the first stages of this project, so feedback, ideas and encouragement are very much appreciated.

peace & poetry power!
Chris (Faiers)

   information updates will be posted on my blog:

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