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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

haiku/haibun for Jim Christy and his stupa

Poet/novelist/artist/world traveler/raconteur/hipster Jim Christy is creating one of his 7-foot concrete and mosaic installations at my ZenRiver Gardens retreat. In deference to the spirit of  ZenRiver, Jim is kindly calling this unique work a stupa, a symbol of Buddhist inspiration.

As Jim reminded me today, he doesn't take breaks - they interfere with the artistic flow. But the other day Jim paused briefly during his labours, and a monarch butterfly instantly landed on his fingers:

Zen perfect
a monarch resting
on my finger


Mosaic 2 Mosaic 1 Mosaic 4

Above are some samples of Jim's mosaics from his website. Our ZenRiver neighbour, Warren Fraser, is the 'official' photographer of the stupa's progress, and sooner than later we'll post
Warren's pics of the completed stupa in all its glory.  

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