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Monday, 19 March 2012

* * * spring haiku * * *

          spring sun
melting children's snow fort

    frogs croak
spring horniness
April Fools Day

frogs jumping

 first spring rain
crossing the road

      stone house
   roof demolished
wallpaper flowers sun

cabin one week old -
 a bird nest growing
    in the rafters

Green Tara dusk:
 on a calm river
 reflections flow

green garden hose
    a rainbow

   middle aged May Day
I stain my backyard fence

     in this cove
   waves stirring
palm frond reflections

    tropical gardens:
walking on pathstones
    of seafan fossils

    spring flood:
on a runaway dock
    ducks nesting


Conrad DiDiodato has left a new comment on your post "* * * spring haiku * * *":

the gull's shriek is
all there is

Posted by Conrad DiDiodato to Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens at 20 March 2012 04:38


To celebrate the Spring Equinox I've presented the "spring" chapter
from my 2008 collection ZenRiver: Poems & Haibun
2008, Hidden Brook Press.

Some haiku were written in the 1960s and published in the handful of
existing haiku mags such as Haiku, Haiku West, Janus SCTH, Haiku Highlights,
Southwind  and in my two 1969 chapbooks Cricket Formations and Guest in a Garden.
Others were composed from the 1970s through to several years ago.   
The Vietnam War and the changing of countries and locales many times
during my life, as well as the lack of a keen interest in academic 'counting coup'
regarding publication, has limited my ability to accurately record
the publication history of many haiku. Apologies and thanks to the missing

Green garden hose and First spring rain did appear in
Anthologie Canadienne/Canadian Anthology (1985).

Green garden hose also appeared in Synesthesia in Haiku
and Other Essays (1990),  Canadian Haiku Anthology
(1979),  A Magical Clockwork (2000), and The Modern
English Haiku (1981).   

'Retirement' is finally allowing the time, stability & potential boredom
to track down further anthologies and texts where my haiku have been published
over the decades.


Today is the first day of Spring, {in the northern hemisphere}  the zero point of Aries. Each sign has thirty degrees starting from zero and culminating in the twenty-ninth degree. Aries is the first of four cardinal signs. The others are Cancer {first day of Summer} Libra {first day of Autumn} and Capricorn {first day of winter}.

Cardinal signs are outward oriented. They begin changes in the outer world. Don’t ask these folks to happily change themselves first. Johnny Paycheck, Aries,  wrote a couple of songs that exemplify this theme; You Can Take This Job And Shove It .... and ... I Wish That I Had A Job To Shove.

Think of Aries fire as a great meteor streaking across the sky. Think of Aries as charging ahead with executive power. It’s a powerful time in our lives. When I think of Spring I imagine revolution. Plants pushing away gravel and rocks to reach for the sun. Retailers put away winter clothes, we clean well, everything. The skies are dappled with returning migratory birds. We see what the white blanket of snow has hidden.

We return to feast our eyes on the miracle planet.

Don’t expect the world of politics to become more peaceful now. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. Look to my next paragraph to shed light on why. This zero point of Aries in your horoscope has buckets of meaning. It’s the destruction point of past conditions. Your astrologer can help you find it.

Try to spend a little time in the next few days contemplating what you need to really change to get a better deal from yourself and the world, like a peaceful heart and mind, or better material or spiritual living and especially think of , etc. As we finally wind down from Mars’ last month of retrograde and Mercury’s trickster’s ways ending its retrograde on the fourth of April, you will better know what to keep and what not to keep.

The Sabian Symbol for the zero point of Aries is so intriguing; a woman emerges from the deep sea, a seal is embracing her. This image conjures the Jungian archetypes of the divine feminine rising to awareness, caregiving of our internal and earthly ecologies, and the embrace that the natural world has for us as mature caregivers and stewards. A kid steps on an anthill with unconscious pleasure, an adult watches the industry and miracle of ants skillfully creating a home in the earth. And which are we?

We have the choice of taking up arms against our anxieties, big pharma loves this, or listening to our dread, our never ending sense of aloneness. So all the changes are not external, Spring can germinate within. Astrology tells you that you are connected to a living and responsive cosmos.

How can I help?

Michael Zizis

96 Benson Ave.,

Toronto- M6G 2H8

ph: 416/651-0096



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Conrad DiDiodato said...

the gull's shriek is
all there is