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Thursday, 29 December 2011

snow magick & shamanic summoning

Snow magick has returned to the trails. Here is an an email haibun/mini essay from last January.

Subject: doe and fawn fade/Three Methods of Summoning
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 23:36:42 +0000


I suspected there was a hidden haiku in last week's long walk behind Zion Church. It's very much a shamanic power spot for me, and after the hike I emailed Sylvia about how the bitter cold, the heavy snow loads on the boughs in the mature pine plantation, and a north wind blowing at just the right speed down the plantation laneways created ghostly wisps. At first I thought I had imagined these ephemeral snow ghosts, but after watching for a few more seconds, a second and then a third thin spectre spiralled past.

Chase and I continued on our hike after experiencing the ghostly procession, and we trudged to the end of the long swamp, which added a half hour each way to our cold journey. It was on our tired return approach to the trail intersection that we saw a doe with her fawn. Like the snow ghosts an hour before, the pair faded into the pine plantation without a sound or trace of their passing.
                                                           doe and fawn
                                                           fade into pine alleys
                                                           of snow ghosts

I should have anticipated a shamanic encounter. Nature's realms almost always foreshadow their appearances with subtle hints and signs. I was reflecting on snowflea's excellent owl haiku during this afternoon's hike, which reminded me of my own shamanic owl encounter at that spot, and I realized the obvious set-up for the shamanic visit by the doe and fawn. ... so many thanks, snowflea*, for the haijin inspiration  : )

*snowflea is local poet John Hamley's haijin name - his inspiring haiku:

                                                           Silence --
                                                           then an owl's call
                                                           as clear as the stars

credit: John's haiku published in Haiku Canada Review, October 2009 



Reflecting on these recent mild shamanic exeriences inspired me to further thoughts on how I encourage, or 'summon', the various spiritual and shamanic realms. I concluded there are three main techniques, which I've used since my teen years. There is the subtle, 'haiku way', of gently experiencing nature, often putting myself into synchronicity with beings in nature on long walks or by staying very still in wild locales, maintaining a very focused alertness for what I term gentle shamanic encounters.

The crudest way, which I've never intentionally practiced, is what our society calls witchcraft. This is the overt, rather crude, summoning of beings from the spirit world through ceremony (i.e. 'bell, book & candlery'). Several times I've done this accidentally through psychedelic experimentations.

The third way of access is through meditation. This is the truest, safest and most satisfying method of connecting with spirit, or higher consciousness, realms. This method also occasionally grants observable, even demonstrable, siddhi powers, like 'sliding' streetlights.

Our materialistic, 'scientific' society often gets things backwards. These incredible contacts with higher, and very different, levels of consciousnesses aren't so much goals to be sought for themselves as much as they are the by-products of our own experiencing of these states of higher awareness.            

These were my reflections on our return hike today from Sorrow Falls (where only the head of the blue Buddha I placed there is now visible above the snow load). Chase and I were starting to shiver from the minus 20 C cold, and I was experiencing parallel kundalini. We had a final confirmation and closure to the hike by another drala spot, a huge half-dead grandfather I call the condo tree because of all the visible nesting holes. 

                                                          crow's guttural croak
                                                          atop the condo tree
                                                         HELLO HELLO HELLO

The creek bank by Sorrow Falls is full of mossy green 'spirit condos'. I don't know exactly which tribe or species of beings live there, but the above pic of moss loving dakini spirits sure looks like possible inhabitants of this sacred space. I found this pic New Year's Day Jan. 2016. 


note: When Chase and I returned late this aft from hiking the same trails as described above, the following daily quote arrived courtesy of Michael Zizis. Synchronicity strikes again! - Chris

"The world is full of magical things patiently
waiting  for our wits to grow sharper.”

Bertrand Russell ~ Taurus

18 May 1872 / 2 February 1970 - British philosopher,
 logician, mathematician, historian, and social critic.

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blogs:"The world is full of magical things patiently
waiting  for our wits to grow sharper.”

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