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Friday, 19 August 2011

House of Mainly Zen/Simon's post-PurdyFest #5 poem

HMZ: House of Mainly Zen

i just got back from . . .
the TV
i came home from work
4 hours ago. . .
i left my client
86 year old friend
sleeping off his dinner
. . . while i type this,
i hear
crickets play
the quite sounds
of the neighbour
talking kindly
to her dog :)
. . . it is relatively quiet
in Dundas . . .
it is the closet thing
to living
in the back woods . . .
. . . while living
on the cusp
of the 9th
largest city
in Canada :)
. . . only us poets/artists
and puppeteers here
at this House of mainly Zen
Gone are the howling coyotes,
leaping frogs
ancient turtles
i do not even hear
any peckers
tap-tap a tapping.
I look to the day
when we will
each other
in the fall
peace & love & poetry power!
simon ... wrfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!

From: Chris Faiers <>
To: simon solomon
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 6:53:03 PM
Subject: Re: maybe we can visit in TO during your year at OISE .../ felt fall tonite walking Chase

Hi Simon,
just back from Zenriver ... Chase is finishing his dinner, while I'm digesting mine  : )  so quiet there with all the poets and campers
gone - just the young woodpeckers tap-tapping now for company.

Chase & I'll prob see you sometime this fall,
peace & love & poetry power!
Chris & Chase ... wrfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!

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