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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Japanese Haibun Contest


I'm proud that one of riffs & ripps staunchest friends and supporters, Angelee Deodhar, has been selected as a judge for this prestigious contest. 


Dear haiku friends,
  Can you help Japan's only haibun contest by advertising this year's Genjuan Contest to your friends/readership, please? The Contest office is now open to receive your submissions for 2018. Closing deadline will be 31 Jan. The organizers, Hailstone Haiku Circle, greatly value participation from overseas.

 One of last year's four judges, Ellis Avery, is retiring in order to study nursing full time back in her native USA, and her place as judge will be taken by Angelee Deodhar of Chandigarh, India. Some of you may know her wonderful series of 'Journeys' anthologies, each of which gathers more than 100 haibun works. Nenten Tsubo'uchi's title has changed to emeritus judge, reflecting the special assistance he gives the final part of the judging process. Hisashi Miyazaki and myself continue in office for another year. The rules remain the same as last year.

 How about entering a piece or two? There are real prizes and certificates and it's free. Address of our officer, Eiko Mori, and other details are given in the Genjuan 2018 Guidelines (attached here, or reached via orange page link at top right of the Icebox top page).
  Thank you for any support you can give.
With best wishes for the autumn (spring, Down Under),

Stephen Henry Gill (Tito), Kyoto, Japan

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