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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Jane Siberry/ Mary Margaret O'Hara perform Hidden Brook Press launch

e-poster for Book Launch

On 2017-05-26, at 8:55 AM, Katherine Gordon wrote:

Congratulations HBP,  what a marvellous happening for Can. Lit. Tai has worked for most of us to keep producing and promoting the best of Canadian work.  What a tremendous event for this confederation 150 year. Along the hard-work toiling path for poetry and prose, I have been honoured to participate in some of Tai’s productions.  This event is a true crown of achievement.  HBP is now “big time” and a credit to us all. Thanks for your continued dedication to writers Tai,  we are all so proud of you.

Katherine L. Gordon.

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Thanks for sending this, Katherine! 
I honestly don't know how Tai has managed to toil so long and hard with so few financial or concrete rewards, or even recognition on the CanLit scene. As writers we understand that our reward is perhaps the act of participating in the creative process, but as a publisher (and also as a writer and an organizer with CCLA), Tai has worked so much harder than 99.9% of us.

Well done Tai Grove!!!!


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On 2017-05-26, at 9:44 AM, Richard M. Grove wrote:

Hey Cricket
Thanks. Let’s hope we sell some books.

All the best

JB   (June bug - Tai's haijin name)  

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