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Sunday, 13 March 2016

call for papers on 'Al Purdy at One Hundred'

forwarded by Ron Dart:

Dear colleagues,

I would be grateful if you would circulate the attached call for papers to
anyone you know who may be interested. And of course I would be delighted if
you would have a look too.

Best regards,
Nicholas Bradley

Department of English
University of Victoria

                                                  ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Hi Professor Bradley,

Ron Dart sent me your call for papers on 'Al Purdy at One Hundred'. I've long been a fan of Al, and I was a close friend of his best friend, Milton Acorn. Following is a poem I wrote a few years ago about the shamanic element I find in both their poems.

I've also taken the liberty of posting your call for papers on my blog - hope this helps with encouraging submissions for this worthy project. Terry Barker and I have collected some materials for a similar proposed project on Milton Acorn, "ACORNucopia".

peace & poetry power!
Chris (Faiers)

Marmora, Ontario (Purdy Country - "The Country North of Belleville")

p.s. I've spent several pleasant afternoons in recent years assisting with the renovation of the Purdy A-frame in nearby Ameliasburgh. For eight years I organized local Purdy Country Literary Festivals (PurdyFests).

the Uncles are bird spirits now 

for Milt and Al                                                    

the Uncles are bird spirits now
flying thru realms
tricksters, obvious in their choices

Milt, the raven spirit
and Al,
the gawky blue heron

your poems foretold this
Milt cawing angrily at the dense humans;
Al, more sanguine
more grounded,  multi-dimensional:
heron lives in water
air the daily flightpath home

these only two of the incarnations
you love to fool us with now …
Uncles, so many days you visit
flying, laughing free
through the spirit world
only poets & shaman
can begin to comprehend

we earthbound beings
yearn to fly with your flocks

raven, heron floating above
trickster turtles swimming with awkward strokes
sun basking in A-burgh’s millpond

poet friends transform
before my inner eye …
Jim D. chooses heron
as does John B.
while Larwill is the new raven king

the sun shines too brightly
through your new kingdoms
water transparent
as these words

heron zazen stalks
while turtles meditate
all deeply carved
into the teaching rocks
at Petroglyphs Park

we would miss you
except you visit so often
you are almost as annoying
in the next world
as you were in this one

Chris Faiers

From my blog: Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens

Posted by Chris Faiers/cricket at 17:00
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