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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Almost Easter: Katherine L. Gordon

The stream was cold and quick
rocks slippery sharp
the path narrow, treacherous.
They struggled with back-packs,
bags, all they had left,
passed their small children along
to stretching hands, the chain
of abandoned desolation,
caught on media between sports
and the comedy of U.S. elections,
so unreal this segment of suffering,
our brothers and sisters
on a besieged planet
segregated easily by the wrong side
of war and religion,
more homeless than a dying species
of expatriate wildlife.
We did our quota..the barbed wire,
closed borders not our concern now,
lest something in us snap...warn us,
for any god’s sake to stand up
cry the old “never again”
save what we can of the bombed
and forsaken.
Rescue some of our own humanity.

Katherine L. Gordon
March 15th,  Ides of March 2016

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