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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

DON'T: Jim Christy


Because . . . .

I used to be proud

To say where I’m from

But now if you’re Canadian,

Better be ready to run.

U.S. commands Jump

He asks h how high

Sent 154 overseas to die

But never deigned to explain

exactly why.

Expects us to be content

with stale platitudes


with that smug attitude.


Because he HOPES to fill youth

With phony idealism

But when the guns begin to roar

They get a crash course in realism

Too many of those gung-ho tyros

wound up on flag-draped trucks

on a highway of heroes.

Yes, he sent them overseas

where we don’t belong

while he stayed home

and played a Beatles’ song.

That one made money

For all his friends

Now I Bet he’s wishing

He could do it again.


Because . . . .

Strike breakers

And Deal makers

are his kind of friends

And save the right wing

That’s his main thing.

Meanwhile . . . .

There’s a widening gap

Between rich and poor

it’s enough to make you wonder

Who’s minding the store.

Because . . .

He takes money from Science

Takes money from the Arts

Spends it on pistols

and helicopter parts

Down with land claims

Up with developers’ games

It’s a kind of mantra

and he’s the evil Santa.

But don’t blame it on me

when there’s nothing under

Your Xmas Tree.


Because . . .

He claims to like families

all closely knit

So why does he deny them

basic benefits?

Counts on the people

being easily lead

wants us to fear

a terrorist

under ever bed.

Behind the pose of Security

the man is destroying our Privacy.

And With C – 51

he’s hardly begun

He’ll  try to trample our rights

But don’t let him do it

without a helluva fight.

Say bye – bye

Let’s forget him


This not the same country

To which I emigrated

It wasn’t a nation almost

universally hated.

Wear the maple leaf pin

On your blouse or your shirt

And Overseas you’re liable

for a really big Hurt

Show the flag

And run for cover

because when Uncle Sam winks

he bends over.

No, this is not the same country

That welcomed me.

So many things have happened

I never dreamed I would see.


Jim Christy

                                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~

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