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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dear God, please don't

send us any more prophets!
for the past millennium your sons' visits
have stirred up crusades and jihads
among us earthling idiots.

Dear God, please keep your sons at home!
Let them enjoy their teenage years
playing with equals.
Please let humans evolve through our teens
making the usual mistakes
without the confusion of these miracle-working
sons of yours.

Yes, Dear God, please keep those young dudes
occupied in your starry firms - we're kinda sick
of their silly show-off teen antics -
miracles - Dear God - show us some pity
and give these juvie delinquents
something to do on Your turf, not ours.

Chris Faiers

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On 2015-01-13, at 12:50 PM, Katherine Gordon wrote:

Amen.   Should be in every schoolbook.  When we are done petitioning
this confusion of gods,  we might start to like each other and unite as
the human brothers and sisters we are.
Katherine L. Gordon.

                 . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thanks, Katherine
I figured I might as well upset everyone!

A haiku from last Saturday's visit to ZenRiver:

two figures hobble

across the winter bridge
man  .... and dog

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