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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

these small towns

these small towns
strung like anal beads
along Highway 7

Peterborough to Ottawa:
Norwood - Havelock -
Marmora - Madoc

a dip south, perhaps
to  Hastings - Campbellford
Stirling or Tweed

definitely not a diamond
strung necklace
these small towns
are not even gems
in the rough

the lakes too
are more swamps
large beaver ponds
at best

and even these shallow waters
hide their shimmerings
from the traffic on number 7

"the IQ line"
locals joke of Highway 7
those above are below the average

altho those below
fare no better
especially in the woefully misnamed

these small towns
a string of anal beads
connecting the butt plugs
of our big cities

Chris Faiers/cricket


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On 2014-12-10, at 9:39 AM, Katherine Gordon wrote:

Chris,  there could be no better poem than your “Anal Beads”
it is not mired in effluent, it is a glance of pathos at the poor aims and spirit
our species is too prone to accept.   That is the corporate dregs of our
flawed society.  A beautiful area turned sewer-ugly for a profit.
You have written of it with the poetic disgust it has earned.
Probably the best true poem this contest will elicit.
Katherine L. Gordon.

                                      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thanks, as always, for the kind words, Katherine. I don't think the poem will qualify for the A-frame outhouse contest, tho, as I sent it along with my acceptance of participating as a contest judge. But it was an interesting coincidence that I'd just written & posted a rare scatological poem, & then received a request to help judge an outhouse poetry contest  ;  )

Sadly, this area is one of the most ecologically devastated areas in Canada. I have to drive past the mining hamlet of Deloro on the way to my ZenRiver retreat, & the old Deloro mining site looks like a post-nuclear horror movie set. I believe over a billion dollars have been spent recently to contain the nuclear, arsenic and other waste there. Chase and I also regularly hike to the trans-Canada trail from beside the gaping hole of the Marmora open pit iron mine. I took a noted writer/naturalist on a brief tour of these sites during PurdyFest last summer, and they made him so physically ill we had to quickly leave the parking lot of the Marmora mine.  

There is still much left of natural wonder in this area, but as you say, it's also a living textbook of what human greed and degradation often does to our environment.

peace & poetry power!
Chris ... & Chase wrfffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   (still napping on his couch)


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