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Monday, 3 November 2014

i lovd thos dayze: bill bissett


                     on th farm in saskatchewan
                     didint yu   that was a
                     lovlee phase

                     remembr th autumn desire ther
                     remembr th crows n th snow
                     remembr what yu calld me
                     what happns with time
                     thers onlee each moment

                     remembr our jackits
                               sparkling in th glacier heet

                     now we ar heer  thers no holes
                     in our souls  is that wher we fell
                     thru th ice breking on th lake

                     micro organisms ar brillyant
                     big planets ar dens  they perform
                     xcellent surgeree  thos micro
                     organisms  hilarious n deeplee
                     disturbing  n they ar capabul uv
                     horrifik intimasee

                     aftr that we wer interruptid by a
                     call from space  n we cannot
                     remembr  thanks 2 th astro
                     logikal servis charges   systems
                     n stratajeez   an asterik in innr


                     writtn with miles benton
                         chad juriansz  n julio

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