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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Goddess with the Hounds of Hell: Katherine L. Gordon


The Goddess With Her Hounds Now Walks The Earth


I never thought to see “The End of Days”
while yet I lived,
infinity, eternity, were givens -
now the goddess with her Hounds of Hell
is sighted in each quarter of the planet.
In their slaverous wake follows war
plagues famine and death, long predicted
but set aside, shivery as those apocalyptic myths
we love to conjure on dark winter nights.
Yet, while still I live, I have come to hear
the gun-thunder baying of hounds, howling of alerted wolves
born to swallow the sun,
growling at corner-stones of every civilization.
Ancient Sumer now crumbles our beginnings,
Iraq, remnants of great Persia once heavy –sceptered
over all our history,
dissolves away our common roots -
quick-sands all the early settlements.
We are buried in their barren sands by hubris-neglect.
Will we knit together while I live
or will I see the quake of fragmentation,
the human species in floods of tears
fires of fury
too late to say “not their time yet”
to the unleashed goddess
and her hounds who know implosion.


 hell hounds photo: hell hounds 12348884wa3.jpg

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