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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Ed Baker's Lament

Ed Baker has left a new comment on your post "Time for Canadians to Follow First Nations Leaders...":


what we did in this country
& after that first year
when the Natives-of-this "new land"
saved the (European) Pilgrims' asses
from starving to death and just after that
fictitious first Thanksgiving"
was to murder the men, rape the
women, steal their land ...(remember
the trading of a string of beads for ALL OF Manhattan ?)

what we did in this country was
to kill
hope/chance for an honest
Spirituality ...
a Spirituality whose plinth has always been
a reverence/respect and guardianship of Mother (Earth)

all of my "Stone Girl" stuff and my art is
basic homage to this Earth Mother...

we, in the name of our National Religion (GREED)
isolated our Indian Nations onto reservations and
made sure that there were plenty of Liquor stores
and gambling casinos on their properties...
and plenty of parking lots for the tourist busses....

et ceteras

Posted by Ed Baker to Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens at 9 February 2013 06:51

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