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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Raising An Anthem From Sea to Sea: Katherine L. Gordon

Earl Sunshine of Grand Prairie takes part in an Idle No More protest outside Vancouver City Hall in Vancouver, B.C., on Friday.
 Raising An Anthem From Sea to Sea

United at last
a country with a common cause
to save our air and water,
all our land, treasured wildlife,
from depredation,
no more divide and conquest policies
from corporate government.
Grateful to the Native stewards
who now show us the way:
one people – all Canadians
with our revered cultures
embracing justice for each one.
Ghandi toppled an empire
with his hunger-strike,
Mandela changed an oppressive system
with his courage.
A girl in Pakistan challenged
an overview for the true value of educated girls.
Chief Spence’s wisdom and courage
a banner for all to raise.
Governments have often been led by the people
down the true path to a better world.
This is the moment, no turning back,
we will not be sold out
or governed by greed that oppresses
or stifles worker’s rights.
We will not lose the heart of the land
to a mess of wrong-headed oil ooze
through ominous pipelines.
Develop what can be shared,
go slowly with reverence
for all the wild beauty we enjoy.
Bill C38, Bill C45, must disappear
into the misdeeds of history.
all brothers and sisters in a cause
Be Idle No More,
save our loved country
and its trusting children,
teach an errant government
how to share, that all may profit.

Katherine L. Gordon

                                        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(Not sure where you can place this Chris, maybe under the mat, but wanted to send..    Katherine, burning with

Light from Burned Holes

Give me your pen and I
will pierce your tongue with it
so you will bleed dark ink drops
onto prepared paper,
your words will be stored
in an undusted niche of museumry
only one will be a truth
burning a jagged incendiary hole
amid the lies of scroll.
I will sit in my uneasy chair
forever searching for that one word
until time changes truth
and flightless angels
lend me light.

Katherine L. Gordon
uncertain winter,  2012 

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