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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

inbred bureaucracies: showerheads to lawyers and docs

stock photo : Redneck girl with moonshineHi Kathy,
This piece is really funny & a bit too close to the truth for comfort (pun unintended).

I have been saying similar things about bureaucracies on an increasingly frequent basis recently - in fact, almost everyday now it seems I rant on about how inefficient bureaucracies have become.

My interpretation is that all bureaucracies were initially created to serve a needed purpose (same as the author of this piece), but that as time has gone on, the various bureaucracies have become so over concerned with their own bailiwicks that they ultimately lose sight of the reason they were first organized. Eventually I have noticed they actually become harmful and detrimental, ironically often to the very services and functions they were created to aid.

Hence, I try a much as possible to steer clear of bureaucracies, including seemingly benevolent ones, such as hospitals and doctors. I know too many friends who have been prescribed too many prescriptions & unnecessary procedures, while their ailments remain undiagnosed and their overall health deteriorates. The docs can claim (& charge) for all these procedures, and of course they share the wealth from all these prescriptions and procedures with big pharma and the host of labs and paramedical practitioners.

Of course the most glaring example of bad systems is our legal system. Anyone who has had to deal with lawyers knows how corrupt and inefficient the whole legal process has devolved to. Lawyers dole out bits and pieces of information like a prison camp warden doling out food.

But back to the 'showerhead' author. Most of his examples are of petty inconveniences: low flow showerheads, lawnmowers dictated to mow at a lower than practical height - that kind of nonsense.

And of course he totally loses my respect and the credibility of his argument when he cites how much better Cuba was before its revolution. Under the dictatorship of Fulgencio Battista the majority of Cubans lived in abject poverty and despair. Now all Cubans enjoy a higher standard of FREE health care which is better than that of any but the 1% of the richest North Americans. Same for education. Thousands of Cuban doctors now serve impoverished populations all over the world.

A high percentage of my friends have visited Cuba, and all praise the friendliness and general overall happiness of the Cuban people.

So I don't share 'showerhead's' analysis that this is all a plot by big, intrusive communist or socialist oriented governments in our lives. The intrusion is coming from both the left and the right ends of the political spectrum.

I equally fear and hate the rightwing control of the Harperite neo-conservatives as much as I fear and hate the rigid control of the Chinese Communist Party. Although ostensibly at opposite poles of the political spectrum, the totalitarian control of the population is the same result.

I have no easy answers on how to regain control of our lives - how to wrest control away from governments and bureaucracies so that they once again serve US, the people, rather than their own self-interests. It is interesting to note that in our opposition to the local situation where big business and small town politicians want to put a dangerous dam-in-the-sky above our heads, we are uniting people from both the left and the right of the political spectrum.

in solidarity  :  )
- Chris

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On 2012-11-13, at 10:59 AM, Kathy wrote:

You might get as much entertainment from reading this as I did, Chris... the resistance to over-regulation builds worldwide, lol ;)

Hack Your Showerhead: Three Ways to Get Big Government Out of Your Home (diy fixes for your Big Gov't regulated showerhead, laundry & lawnmower ;):

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