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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mouth Singing: Katherine L. Gordon

Mouth Singing

One carries a pearl
beneath his tongue
another small silver coins
and you keep honey there,
come sing into my mouth
with all your pearls, silver and honey
take away the bitterness of aging
the fading of air castles
ribaldry of dreams
all that lies beneath the tongues
that have bewitched the ages
with the sweet jewels of coated lies.

Katherine L. Gordon

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Andreas Gripp has left a new comment on your post "Mouth Singing: Katherine L. Gordon":

always a pleasure to read Katherine's verses. this is an outstanding poem to feature.

Posted by Andreas Gripp to Riffs & Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens at 1 June 2012 08:12


Hi Katherine,
Thanks, as always, for this heartfelt poem. Yeah, growing old can be a drag!   ;  ) 

I spent the previous week in TO, as my friend Sylvia needed a ride for medical procedures. Once there, we decided to finally deal with building a proper retaining wall for her
back garden. Success! But only after hoisting 140 30-pound pavers many times over, & digging out old brick pavers, & hoisting tons (?) of soil. The results were worth the effort, & now she has her 'secret garden' back & better than ever.

I've been busy on my return organizing the promo for the upcoming launch of Milton Acorn's new selected by Mosaic. Pretty sure you read my blog, so you'll already know much of what's happening ...

Chase & I have been visiting ZRG every day, me mowing, Chase supervising (as usual).

Tomorrow I'm going to take another day off & drive to visit Tai Grove, publisher of Hidden Brook Press. Tai & his wife, Kim, have renovated a century+ home in the hamlet of Wicklow near Lake Ontario, & it'll be interesting to see their new house. ... oops, which means I forgot to put the stone Buddha in the trunk of my Sube this aft as a housewarming gift ... arrrgggghh) - apropos of your poem on aging - a 'senior moment' (or more crudely put, a senior mind fart!). 

Trust all well with you,
peace & poetry power!
Chris ... and Chase ... wrooooooooooooooofff! (Chase, unfortunately, appears to be aging quickly now - lagging further & further behind on nitely walks - he's around 12 -13+ years now - which is in the 80+ range when converted to a human life span).

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Andreas Gripp said...

always a pleasure to read Katherine's verses. this is an outstanding poem to feature.